Monday, 2 April 2012

how to get rid of dark spots naturally

acne-no-more-treatment in your quest to become an attractive woman dark spots are terrible hindered, dark spots are those little darker places in your skin, there stand out more if you are light complexion, now you will see so many creams,lotion, blogs, websites that sat they have the cure.
but as an experienced fashionista i would say STAY AWAY FROM CHEMICALS, i do have some very little ones on my face caused by ‘mr pimples’ i didn't clear them so far with chemicals, i used simple home methods, it would take longer to clear off but it will preserve your skin and complexion which is very important if you want to be attractive. while you are treating them naturally use foundation powders or creams that hide black spots. its SIMPLE!
  • follow this steps:
if you do experience yellow or white discharge that’s special just contact me because i cant go into that now but for the normal black spots that form after an injury you can handle them this ways
always use mild soap on your face like dettol or lux or dudu osun, even if you want to whiten your skin.let your cream be the whitener, PLEASE let your soap be mild not medicated except you are treating something else
use cosmetics that suit your skin type
do not try every facial cleanser or scrub you hear about,you face is delicate so preserve it
use the white part of raw egg, apply to the face, leave for 5 min and rinse with warm water. do this daily
watch your face every night before going to bed, no matter how cold you are, use warm water. after a harsh weather, like dust,rain wash your face
select your facial cosmetics carefully (very important)
do not pinch your acne/pimples
lastly ignore them,do not put your mind so much on it, if you do people will notice it more. enjoy your beauty and let the acne disappear with time,
Note: if its severe acne/blackheads or pimples drop a comment if you need personal assistance
there you have it lets get attractive and going


  1. ahhh!!! egg one one evry day..dats will finish my money ooo

  2. Hey I just finished navy bootcamp and my skin has broken out very bad on my face neck chest and back if you can emaik me and give me some tips I would be very thankful

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  4. Hi. I'd love to get personal tips from you on how to get rid of my pimples and black spots which I've been struggling with for over 2years now. Here's my email to reach me Thanks a lot in advance as I await your response.


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